Update your contact information: This way your financial institution can contact you about any suspicious charges

Keep customer service phone numbers for each card: Keep these in a seperate location in case your wallet/purse is stolen

Notify card issuer when traveling: Your card may be blocked if swiped at an unusual location

Sign up for banking alerts: If offered these can inform you when particular changes occur

Stay away from ATMs that appear unusual: ATMs that are dirty, in disrepair, have unusual signage or appear altered could have been tampered with and set up to skim card information

Avoid using ATMs if suspicious individuals are standing by: Criminals may try to distract you to steal cash or watch you enter your PIN

Beware if your card gets stuck in the machine: If someone approaches to help it may be a scam. Contact your financial institution as soon as possible

Cover keypad with your hand as you enter your PIN: This will block anyone standing by or any camera from viewing the numbers you type






We are excited to announce that you can now find Blue Cross Credit Union in the App Store or Play Store for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The mobile banking app will allow you to view account balances, makes transfers between accounts and view account history. We would love to hear your input, questions or concerns. Please contact us at 822-8500.